Top real estate company in thailand


has a vibrant real estate market with several prominent real estate companies and developers

1- Sansiri Public Company Limited
Description Sansiri is one of Thailand’s largest and most well-known real estate developers specializing in residential properties condominiums and luxury homes.

2- LH Group (Land and Houses)
Description LH Group also known as Land and Houses is a leading Thai real estate developer known for residential projects including housing estates and condominiums.

3- Ananda Development Public Company Limited
Description Ananda Development focuses on the development of high-rise condominiums and is recognized for its innovative and modern designs.

4- Pruksa Real Estate Public Company Limited
DescriptionPruksa is a major player in the Thai real estate market offering a wide range of residential properties including townhouses and condominiums.

5- AP Thailand Public Company Limited
Description AP Thailand is a real estate developer with a focus on residential and commercial properties including condominiums townhouses and shopping centers.

6- Major Development Public Company Limited
Description Major Development is known for its luxury residential properties including high-end condominiums and luxury homes in prime locations.

7- Singha Estate Public Company Limited
Description Singha Estate is a diversified real estate developer with projects spanning residential hospitality and commercial properties.

8- Supalai Public Company Limited
Description Supalai is recognized for its housing projects and condominium developments across Thailand.

9- Quality Houses Public Company Limited (QH)
Description Quality Houses is involved in various real estate segments including residential properties commercial spaces and industrial estates.

10- SC Asset Corporation Public Company Limited
Description SC Asset Corporation focuses on residential and commercial real estate projects including condominiums townhouses and retail spaces.

11- Raimon Land Public Company Limited
Description Raimon Land specializes in luxury residential properties and condominiums in prime locations.

12- Origin Property Public Company Limited
Description Origin Property is a developer of affordable and mid-range residential projects including condominiums and townhouses.

13- Noble Development Public Company Limited
Description Noble Development is known for its high-quality condominiums and residential properties in Thailand.

Please note that the real estate market can evolve rapidly and new companies & It’s advisable to visit the websites Top real estate company in thailand of these companies for the most current information on their projects and services.